Hobey Baker, American Legend



Hobey Baker, American Legend hit # 2 on the Orange List in May which consists of the twenty bestselling books in the Princeton University bookstore.

"an ideal worthy of everything in my enthusiastic admiration, yet consummated and expressed in a human being who stood within ten feet of me."

F. Scott Fitzgerald on Hobey Baker

"..did you know Baker got only one penalty in his entire college hockey career? Did you know that Princeton athletes were allowed to participate in only two sports each year? Did you know that ten of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders listed their occupation as amateur "football players?" (Let's take a moment to scratch our heads wondering how someone can call playing "amateur football" an occupation.) Did you know that Baker helped Princeton win one football championship and two hockey championships?...These are just samples from Salvini's biography of Baker, and it doesn't take the reader long to realize why the book took three years to write."

"Salvini offers two versions of Baker's fateful crash just after the Armistice, allowing the reader to make his own judgment. Was his unnecessary "final flight" an accident or suicide?"
"Clearly the best part of the biography is the chronicle of the Lafayette Escadrille. Not only does Salvini describe Baker's flying career, but he also details the history of the American fighter squadron in France during the First World War, which naturally leads to the conclusion - and the controversy- concerning Baker's death in 1918."

Review by Bobby Bryde - Inside Hockey-March 22, 2005

"...for those who hunger for more, Emil Salvini's magnificent biography-the first in forty years-here provides a literary feast and a full-bodied portrait, placing the legendary star in the context of his age, an era of athletic chivalry we have sadly lost-let us pray not forever. Salvini holds up a mirror to a hero and to an ideal as he reflects revealing light on both."

Charles Scribner III from the introduction.

"In an era when so many sports figures have been tarnished by controversy, the story of Hobey Baker provides a refreshing glimpse of a gifted athlete who played sports for the pure love of the game."

"Renowned historian Salvini, who has published several well-known works in the past, has broken new grounds with this work. The author's ingenuity comes through his ability to transform a biography into a lively book....Hobey will continue to remain an inspiration for future generations and this book will go a long way in introducing this all-time favorite legend to the readers. The smooth prose and sharp style make this book a truly inspiring read."
"Bookwire Review-March 2004"

"Emil Salvini's new book is destined to become the definitive biography on the life of Hobey Baker."

Adam Wodon